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Window Treatment Ideas

Because your windows deserve only the best treatments...

Window treatments are the basic and one of the most important necessities for a home. You can make great buildings, but for turning these buildings into your dream home or office, you certainly require window treatments. Your home is your pride; you take all the measures to make it comfortable and beautiful. And if your windows are nicely and professionally treated, your friends and colleagues say ‘WOW’ when they visit you.

Traditionally, window curtains have been the choice for majority of home makers. However, now you have hundreds of choice with both ready made and custom window treatment ideas. Surely, the curtains are still used extensively for window treatments and can easily exceed your design expectations with their large variety of style, design and fabric options. You may get overwhelmed with the kind of choices available and it can be difficult for you to make up your mind to select a perfect style. In this case, all you need to do is to consult a professional and well experienced interior designer who will evaluate your home, understand your needs and craft curtains which your windows deserve. And you don’t need to stick to those old fashioned, classy, thick and heavy curtains! You have a variety of light, layered materials available which can very well address your decorative needs as well as the freshness and lighting requirements. You can use these in combination not just for window coverings, but to truly take the ambience of your rooms to the next level.

Custom window treatments, for many, seem to be expensive and cost prohibitive and only meant for elite class. It is not true, however. Surely, Custom window treatments can be a little costlier, but you should always consider it as a wise investment. If designed correctly, it will keep on providing you the warmth and comfort for several years to come. Custom window treatments truly reflect your personality and make a unique style statement for you. You can opt for window treatments which will provide you with the fresh air and light as per your need and in turn save electricity and will be nature friendly. And of course, custom treatments will perfectly fit to your windows, whatever style or size you may have!

To give you an idea of window treatments, let’s know about some basics first. If you have some basic window treatment ideas, you can participate with your interior designer and can better decide on the treatment type as per your needs and likings. Window treatments can be classified into hard treatments and soft treatments. The main function of the hard treatment is to take care of the functional requirements. Examples of hard treatments are shutters, blinds and shades. They fulfill some purpose and also add on to the styling value. They are designed and selected as per the specific needs, e.g. to allow or restrict natural light, provide privacy or even allow access to the outside, etc. Soft treatments provide aesthetics and styling and also serve to the functional requirements. At the same time, you can easily dismantle them for cleaning or storing. All the fabric made treatments like window curtains, draperies and soft shades are examples of soft treatments. In most of the cases, you need to combine the two to get the best results. If perfectly blended, these can do wonders for your home, office or commercial complexes. Décor has more than 30 years of experience in both type of treatments and we can create designs which are both functional and great looking.

Window blinds and shades are the modern choices for window treatments. They come in a large variety and you have a choice to choose between custom and ready made blinds and shades. They are made of a variety of materials like fabric, vinyl, wood, honeycomb, bamboo, etc. They are also very flexible in allowing the lights inside the room. Many of these come with one touch control, by which you can either allow or restrict outside view and natural lights. You have the option to choose between horizontal and vertical window blinds and shades.

Now that you have a little idea about window treatments, you can plan well in advance before deciding on your choice. Here is the list of factors which you should take into consideration while deciding on your window treatments.

Room Type: The most important factor in selecting your window function. Which window do you want to treat? Is it in a living room, a bed room or a bath room? Is it your dream home, office or commercial complex? Depending upon your need, you may like to go for a functionality which requires privacy or which is nature friendly. For living rooms, the choice is entirely yours – some people like to allow defused sun-light while others prefer dark rooms with artificial lightings.

Climate: Depending on the external environment and climate, you decide the hard treatments. Of course, you can use the air conditioners to keep your room warm or cool, but if you have wisely selected window treatments, it will surely save your household electricity.

Outside World: What do you see through your window? Is it open sky, a lawn, sea or something beautiful you always like to look at? Or you want to avoid looking outside due to not so good surroundings? This is one of the main deciding factors of your soft window treatments.

Window shape and size: If your windows are of standard sizes, you can easily go with readymade window treatments. You can navigate through a large number and variety of readymade treatments available in our store and we will help you to decide on the perfect choice for you. However, if your window has a great shape which you don’t want to hide, you should go for the minimal dressing and use simple curtains.

Whatever choice, requirement, room type or window shape you may have; we have a large range of products to fulfill your needs. We are very sure of exceeding your design expectation with our services and consultation. Come; experience the difference a professional interior designer can make!

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